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So where do I begin?
If you're interested in getting started in R/C model aircraft, you’ve come to the right club and the right site in Australia to learn. TMAC is one of the largest clubs in Australia and caters for all aircraft, from small electric micro aircraft to giant scale monsters with petrol engines.

Firstly you must decide what you would like to learn to fly? Most people start with an airplane and progress from there to the other types of flying. Your first airplane will usually be what is known as a trainer. These are relatively inexpensive and have fairly forgiving flight characteristics.

However, don't race out and buy anything just yet, TMAC has official instructors who can teach you how to fly. You use their equipment and fly their trainer planes. You'll be taught how to setup and start your airplane, takeoffs, landings, basic aerobatic manoeuvres and "dead stick" landings. This is a very good way to see all the goodies in action, find out about all the things you see and get a taste for the sport with very little outlay. If you decide you're hooked, the instructors can assist in your choice of airplane and radio equipment.

Basic starting equipment usually consists of the ARF (almost ready to fly) airplane kit, radio transmitter, engine, starter, glow driver, batteries, chargers, fuel….wow a lot I hear you say. If you're on a budget you can start with fewer items or buy some second hand. The club has many items for sale on our sell and swap page and at the club notice board at the field. Local hobby stores are listed under the links page and also in your local yellow pages. Whatever you decide to start with, check with your instructor and find out if it is suitable for a beginner.

Most ARF airplane kits come with good instructions and can be easily assembled by the average person. However if you don't feel confident, some hobby shops can assemble the airplane for you at a very reasonable price. The radio you choose can make a great difference to your flying. If you invest a little more on a computer radio instead of a budget model you may not outgrow it so quickly.

After a few lessons you will be ready to fly your own plane, this is done with the help of your instructor as you will need to pass your solo proficiency test before you can fly it on your own. Your instructor will perform the first flight and adjust the trims for you. After you pass your solo proficiency test you're ready to go solo. From there, you decide where you want to go ... Scale aircraft, Gliders, Helicopters or just flying around having fun ... you can do it all at TMAC!

Hopefully this has helped you make a start in to this great hobby. Come down to field and introduce yourself, you'll find we're a pretty friendly bunch.

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