Flight Instructors

The best way to enjoy model aircraft when getting started is to learn how to fly correctly with one of TMAC's qualified instructors.

TMAC has appointed 2 official fixed wing aircraft flight instructors for new members & people just interested in trying the sport for the first time.

Each instructor will supply all the equipment needed for each lesson - no equipment required to learn at all.

You learn to fly on the instructor's aircraft until you are proficient. For most people this usually takes 6 - 8 lessons.

Once you have mastered the basics and are ready to join TMAC, your instructor will guide you through selecting the right aircraft and help with correct setup for your first maiden flight as a proficient probationary pilot.

Our instructors will continue to help you with advice on type of aircraft, transmitters etc as you progress through to your next aircraft & beyond .


Noel Stewart

Mobile: 0412 525 127

Fixed wing models


Willem Sipma

Mobile: 0409 852 694

Fixed wing models