TMAC History

Early 1950s

Model aeroplane flying at Porters Field began in the early 1950s, when Stan Porter allowed his friend Jack Richters to fly model aeroplanes, on his property, and who also taught Jack to fly full his size aircraft, the Gypsy Moth.

1968 TMAC Formed

TMAC was formed when a number of flyers at the Carindale field had a disagreement with other flyers and decided to move on and form the Tingalpa Model Aero Club at the current Porters Field. The founding members were Jack Richters, Bill McKey, Bruce Jenson and Lionel Perrin. Jack Richters, was the first President (1968-1975), and was the Club's first Life Member. Other club life members are Doug Kent and Will Sipma.

Early Bi-Laws

Part of the bi-laws in the early years of the Club, was the first member to arrive had to put up the windsock, and remove all the cow patties from the runway. An essential part of the Club's equipments, was a shovel and wheelbarrow.

Flight Line

The original flight line was positioned on the southern side of the field, near where the current helicopter hovering pad is located. Later it was relocated to the north east corner near the current yellow turning pole, but after a member in 1980 flew his plane into the power line that serviced the dairy shed and cut all power, the flight line was returned to the original position. When the Gateway motorway was built, the flight line moved 100 meters west to its current position on the 20th February 1988.

1984 Porters Field Leased from Brisbane City Council

On the 3rd January 1984, TMAC applied for a lease from the council, as Porters field was now part of Brisbane City Council land. It took a decade of negotiation, but finally the first lease was signed on 29th September 1994. The second lease took effect from 1st September 2000.

1985 TMAC Incorporated

On 3rd December, 1985, TMAC became an incorporated body, with a set of Rules and By-Laws with which to guide the club.

1982 Public Display - Mini Air Show

1982 was the first year TMAC held an air show that was open to the public. It was called the Brisbane Mini Air Show and was opened by politician Tom Burns on 14 November 1982. The 'Tingalpa Model Air Show' held on the 19th March 1989 was known as the first of the big air shows. These air shows were held annually under various names including more recently the 'Gateway Mini Air Show'

2006 BCC Lease Renewed

On the 8th August 2006, TMAC obtained its 3rd lease with the BCC for a further 5 years from the 1st September 2006 to 31st August 2011.

2008 40 Years Old

In 2008, TMAC will celebrate its 40th year flying model aircraft at its current location, known as Porters Field.